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eGreen is developing cutting edge Carbon Capture Technology accelerated by UNIDO, BEE and GEF

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One-Stop Solution for all your Environmental Consultancy Needs

eGreen was envisaged to aid projects to meet the regulatory environmental standards with the best available technology and expertise. Our services include Turn-Key solutions for complex environmental projects and O&M services for advanced Environmental systems.

Carbon Capture Technology

We are glad to announce that eGreen has been recognized by UNIDO, BEE and GEF as a leading Carbon Capture Tech Firm under the FLCTD Program


Our Services

Coastal Modeling &

Expert Members have decades of engineering and modeling experience to better relate to coastal compatibility solutions..

Climate Change 

eGreen can pilot the corporates to comply with global climate change mitigation commitments as per NAPCC, SAPCC, IPCC & UNFCCC..

Air Quality
Monitoring &

We use US-EPA AERMOD tools to meet compliance requirements of MoEF&CC and also affordable ambient sensors for your monitoring needs.. 

Hydraulic Structures & Water Management

We provide effluent specific system for the best possible efficiency of treatment with least energy & environmental footprints..

Impact Assessment

Activity and location-specific Environmental Impacts studies with prediction models for air, water, noise and soil attributes..

Our Services
GIS Mapping & Analysis

We provide a range of GIS solutions from Spatial data Collection, Satellite Data Collection, Geo Database preparation, Web-GIS solutions...


Looking to join our team?

We here at eGreen strongly believe in growing together. We feel obligated to nurture talent and passion to help solve future environmental problems first hand. We welcome you with open arms to join our team! 

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