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Air Quality Monitoring, Modeling & Pollution Control

eGreen has an expert team of Air Quality Science and Engineering experts to perform Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Modeling using US-EPA AERMOD. In addition to traditional reference grade air pollutant monitors, eGreen also has specialized affordable ambient air quality monitors to augment costlier reference grade instruments. We provide service to build emission inventories for industries and ambient environments by combining monitoring and modeling data. 


Our visualization team will go the extra mile to better communicate the results of monitoring and modeling to all the shareholders. We use the best available technology for monitoring, modeling, and visualization of experts. 

We utilize affordable ambient sensors to collect ambient data at a fraction of the cost


tools to meet regulatory requirements

Project Lead

Dr.M P Chockalingam.jpg


Expert Member​

Air Quality Modeling

Air Quality Monitoring & Modeling Services

  • Air Dispersion Modeling - US EPA AERMOD

  • Real-Time Ambient Air Quality Monitoring with

    • Reference-grade monitors

    • Affordable modern sensors

  • Micrometeorology Studies

  • Emission Inventory Studies 

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