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Impact Assessment Studies

Environmental Impacts are activity and location-specific. Environmental due-diligence studies have become a must to qualify the baseline data to evaluate and quantify the impacts. Prediction Models for the physical and chemical process are to be run for post-project scenarios to devise Environmental Management Plans. eGreen always believe that socio-economic and biological environment shall be dealt on par or even more than what it should be for the attributes of air, water, noise, and soil. We have the expertise to conduct Cumulative EIA and Strategic EIA studies. Reports to be formatted in line with the guidelines under EIA Notification,2006 and CRZ Notification,2011.

Project Lead

Dr_JayaPrakash Narayanan.jpg

Dr. Jayprakash Narayanan

Expert Member

EIA/EMP Studies​

Environment Impact


  • Environmental Due Diligence

  • Environment Management Plan

  • Socio-economic Assessment Studies

  • Air Dispersion Studies (AERMOD)

  • Hydro-Geology Modeling Studies

  • Risk Analysis/Disaster Management Plan

Environmental impact assessment reports are provided as per eia notification, 2006 and crz notification, 2011

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