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Solid Waste Management

Every city or town or even villages of India is known to suffer from overflowing dumpsites which have become sources for disease propagation vectors and personal hygiene of every Indian, poor or rich, is at stake today. eGreen believes the options of treatment technologies must be integrated to provide integrated management facilities. eGreen has experience of having worked with Langan Environmental and Engineering Inc (USA) for remediation of contaminated sites; and Weston Solutions Inc for MSW management facilities. Our technology expertise includes solutions for e-waste, plastic waste and Construction & Debris waste management. The subsidiary of eGreen is owning and operating two Common Biomedical Solidwaste management facilities; one in Pondicherry and another in Cuddalore,Tamilnadu.

Project Lead

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Dr.Jayaprakash Narayanan

Expert Member

Waste Management​​​

Solid waste Management

  • Project Feasibility Reports

  • Hazardous Waste Incinerators

  • Bio-Medical Waste Management
  • Leachate Collection Systems

  • Landfill Design

"We are sitting on a time bomb of garbage waiting to explode. It is clear no one bothers, so all the dump of india can remain here" 



-supreme court of india

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